2 Kinds of Colds, and a couple of Frequent Errors That Sluggish Restoration

Because the climate begins getting cooler in autumn, the incidence of colds and the flu will increase. Once you get a chilly, it’s essential to strengthen the physique’s protecting qi with a view to get well rapidly. Nevertheless, many sufferers take inappropriate measures after they catch a chilly or flu, which causes the physique’s protecting qi to drop quickly, making the chilly worse.

Within the view of conventional Chinese language drugs (TCM), many illnesses are believed to be attributable to forces in the environment. These forces are known as the six exterior pathogenic influences, categorized as wind, chilly, warmth, dryness, dampness, and summer time warmth. In TCM, it’s believed {that a} chilly can be attributable to the invasion of exterior pathogenic components.

Based on TCM idea, qi is life power or important vitality. To be balanced in life and free from bodily or psychological well being points, an individual will need to have balanced qi.

Qi is available in many varieties, together with “protecting qi.” This qi works totally on the physique’s floor, as a protection barrier analogous to anatomical limitations of the innate immune system. When an individual’s protecting qi is weak, he’s extra weak to the pathogenic assaults, and extra more likely to fall sick.

The objective of many TCM therapies is to strengthen the physique’s protecting qi. Remedies are individualized, and chosen in accordance with sufferers’ particular person circumstances, as a result of the bodily circumstances of every particular person are completely different.

Nevertheless, there are a number of widespread errors many individuals are inclined to make after they catch a chilly which trigger the physique’s protecting qi to drop quickly, worsening chilly signs.

The Proper Time to Drink Ginger Tea

For 1000’s of years, Chinese language folks have handled the chilly with pure herbs, a few of which have been fairly easy, efficient, and broadly utilized by abnormal people folks.

Ginger is the basis of the perennial plant Zingiber officinale. Individuals have used ginger as an natural treatment for hundreds of years to deal with many circumstances, from arthritis to belly ache. These days, folks nonetheless typically use ginger after they get a chilly or flu.

One in all my mates caught a chilly and had a sore throat. He heard that ingesting ginger tea may dispel the pathogenic chilly from the physique, so he brewed a pot of ginger tea and drank it. Nevertheless, it didn’t work.

Why is that? Consuming ginger tea needs to be executed within the early levels of a chilly. It may then enhance the physique’s warmth, dispel the pathogenic chilly, and relieve signs.

Nevertheless, my buddy already had signs of sore throat, indicating that the pathogenic wind and chilly had deeply entered the physique, turned infected, and changed into pathogenic warmth.

Consuming the warming ginger tea at this second was not advisable, as a result of it will solely irritate pathogenic warmth, and worsen the signs.

Don’t Eat Uncooked, Chilly Meals

Greens and fruits are an essential a part of a nutritious diet. Nevertheless, uncooked and chilly fruit and veggies needs to be averted if you catch a chilly.

One in all my sufferers had flu signs: a runny nostril, cough, and diarrhea on account of COVID-19. She believed consuming extra fruit and veggies is likely to be good for curing the flu, so she ate a variety of uncooked and chilly greens and fruits, however her well being didn’t enhance. I suggested my affected person to as an alternative eat heat rice porridge and placed on extra garments; then she obtained nicely quickly.

In accordance with Zhang Zhongjing (A.D. 150–A.D. 219), a well-known physician of the Jap Han Dynasty, sufferers who catch a chilly ought to keep away from meals which are chilly, spicy, or onerous to digest.

When an individual catches a chilly, his gastrointestinal perform worsens and is incapable of absorbing all types of vitamins. When chilly water and meals that belong to the pathogenic chilly components enter the abdomen, the abdomen has to eat protecting qi to warmth the chilly meals earlier than digestion, which isn’t useful for restoration.

A 100-year-old TCM practitioner as soon as instructed me that consuming uncooked fruit throughout a chilly would trigger a persistent cough. As soon as I had a chilly and fever, I attempted a private experiment and ate a little bit fruit. In consequence, the protecting qi of my physique dissipated rapidly, and made me really feel even worse.

There’s a TCM saying: “with protecting qi within the physique, pathogens can not assault.” Based on this idea, sufferers with chilly signs ought to put on extra garments, maintain the physique heat, and have rice porridge. It can velocity up the restoration by retaining protecting qi within the physique and naturally replenishing it.

2 Kinds of Colds, 2 TCM Recipes

There are two main forms of colds in TCM, that of wind-cold and wind-heat.

Wind-cold is characterised by chills, headache, sneezing, itchy throat, and coughing up clear or white mucus. This sometimes is the primary stage of a chilly and may final a pair hours or a number of days.

A wind-heat chilly is characterised by a sore throat, extra fever than chills, and coughing up yellow mucus.

If the chilly signs are that of the wind-cold stage, the next recipe is really useful:


  • 10 grams scallion
  • 6 grams fermented soybean
  • 3-4 slices ginger

Add the components to a pot of about 2 cups of water and boil for 10 minutes. Drink it 3 times per day.

If it’s a wind-heat kind of chilly, the next recipe is really useful:


  • 3 grams chrysanthemum
  • 6 grams Dragon Effectively tea

Pour 2 cups of boiling water over the components. Drink it 3 times per day.

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