COVID Physician Who Misplaced Hospital Job Has a Imaginative and prescient for Well being Care

Earlier than the COVID pandemic, Dr. Paul Marik turned well-known for his growth of a extremely efficient sepsis protocol utilizing intravenous vitamin C, which resulted in a dramatic discount in mortality charges. Then, in 2020, he cofounded the Entrance Line COVID-19 Vital Care Alliance (FLCCC) and subsequently revealed probably the most complete and efficient protocols for treating COVID-19.

Regardless of a stellar profession as much as that time, the sin of insisting on early therapy for COVID-19, and sharing that info with the general public, resulted in him being vilified, discredited and in the end pressured to resign. I’m a veteran of this too, a lot in order that the primary two instances I tried to interview Marik, he turned down the invitation, partly due to how I used to be being portrayed by the media.

“I used to be nonetheless digesting what was taking place and I used to be uncertain,” Marik says. “I didn’t understand how essential you’re in telling the reality and standing up for the reality. I used to be just a little bit protecting. We’ve got subsequently met and, clearly, you’re one among my heroes since you rise up for the reality and also you’ve identified in regards to the dishonesty, the deceit, the deception for for much longer than I’ve.

“I had swallowed the Kool-Assist. I used to be a tenured professor of drugs. I used to be the one one tenured in my division, in reality. I believed the medical literature, I believed the narrative. I believed what I taught, and you may perceive how disturbing it’s to 1’s very core while you uncover that what you’ve been educating and selling relies on lies, falsehood and deception.”

Certainly, it’s a tough capsule to swallow for anybody, and I applaud Marik for having the braveness and ethical fortitude to observe the true proof and never again down from the reality as soon as it dawned on him. Some can’t deal with it and easily stick their head within the sand and fake they don’t know what they know.

COVID Revealed What the Medical System Is All About

As famous by Marik, COVID modified not solely the world however medication as nicely. Earlier than COVID, intensive care specialists had been comparatively insulated in opposition to the evils of Huge Pharma they usually had therapeutic freedom. Their job was to avoid wasting the affected person utilizing no matter means accessible, they usually did so.

That modified when COVID got here round. Abruptly, docs had been advised to ship sufferers residence, with out therapy, till or except they had been unable to breathe, at which level they had been to place them on mechanical air flow and observe a strict drug protocol. Collectively, these remedies proved lethal for many sufferers.

Marik was amongst those that refused to simply accept this and got down to develop therapy protocols, one to be used in-hospital and one other for early outpatient therapy.

“We had a extremely profitable protocol for treating COVID within the hospital,” he says. “That’s how we actually began the MATH+ protocol. We knew it was efficient. My outcomes had been higher than any of my colleagues.’ However the hospital determined to principally outlaw what I used to be doing.

“I used to be utilizing protected FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] authorized medicine which have been proven to be efficient for COVID, and the hospital I labored at, the Sentara Healthcare system, publicly made a press release that the pharmacy would now not dispense the medicines I had used …

“Mainly, all I used to be left with was remdesivir. As we all know, using remdesivir was halted for Ebola as a result of it was proven to be a poisonous drug that killed individuals. We all know that Gilead and the Nationwide Institutes of Well being (NIH) and [Dr. Anthony ] Fauci dedicated scientific fraud within the conduction of the remdesivir examine …

“They dedicated out-and-out scientific fraud. We all know, based on publicly accessible World Well being Group [WHO] knowledge, that remdesivir will increase the danger of a affected person growing renal failure 20-fold. We all know it will increase your threat of dying.

“You’ll be able to perceive the scenario that I used to be in. I used to be the director of the ICU [intensive care unit]. I had run the ICU for 15 years, and now I used to be advised I can’t use protected and efficient medicine to deal with my sufferers. Moderately, I need to use a poisonous drug for which the hospital will get an extra bonus.

“That was an enormous awakening for me and it speaks to the depth—the breadth of corruption. Mainly, the well being care system will not be patient-geared, or well being care-geared, or geared to enlighten sufferers, enhance their well being, enhance their lifespan, make them completely happy, enhance their basic well being.

“The system is designed to make cash. Easy as that. Earn cash for Huge Pharma. Earn cash for the hospitals and the system and due to this fact empower the NIH. That’s a quick overview of this journey that I’ve traveled. They’ve persecuted me professionally and personally. Their aim was to take me down and destroy my profession.

“They had been considerably profitable in ending my scientific profession, however I’m not going to surrender. I’ll by no means quit as a result of it’s important to combat for reality and honesty. I feel now I’ve a a lot greater function as a result of I and also you and many people have revealed the deceit of the system, and we have to empower sufferers and well being care suppliers to do what our Hippocratic obligation is: To assist sufferers. That’s what we’re right here to do.”

The MATH+ Protocol

The preliminary MATH+ protocol the FLCCC developed in early 2020 received its title from:

  • Intravenous Methylprednisolone.
  • Intravenous Ascorbic acid.
  • Thiamine (B1).
  • Full dose low molecular weight Heparin.
  • Plus elective remedies zinc, vitamin D, and melatonin.

Since then, the protocol has been revised a number of instances as extra knowledge turned accessible. Extra protocols have additionally been developed, together with one for long-COVID and COVID jab accidents. You’ll be able to discover all of them on the FLCCC’s web site.

Obligation to the Affected person Led to Sepsis Therapy Discovery

As defined by Marik, the MATH+ protocol grew out of his HAT protocol for sepsis, developed 4 years earlier.

“HAT stands for hydrocortisone, ascorbic acid, and thiamine. How did this begin? I’m a bedside clinician and as [Sir William] Osler stated, ‘You study medication on the bedside.’ Why? As a result of that’s the place the affected person is … That’s the place a number of the most essential discoveries are made, on the bedside. [In] January 2016, I had a affected person who had overwhelming sepsis. I feel she was in her 50s.

“She had biliary sepsis. She arrived within the ICU. She turned intubated. She was in renal failure. She was on a number of doses of vasopressors. As a health care provider, I knew she was going to die … and while you’re on the bedside, you’ve got an obligation to the affected person. The physician at all times thinks, ‘What can I do to assist this affected person? Is there a rabbit I can pull out of the hat to assist her?’

“It simply so occurred I had learn some work on vitamin C by Dr. [Alpha] Fowler and I used to be actually impressed by his work. He had achieved a preliminary examine vitamin C in sepsis and I believed, ‘You understand what? Why don’t I attempt it?’ It’s accessible within the hospital. It’s FDA authorized. I referred to as my pharmacist; we had vitamin C. I advised them what I needed to do. I defined to the household what we had been going do. I made a decision to make use of vitamin C.

“I used to be unclear about what dose to make use of. I checked out Dr. Fowler’s examine and in his paper, he used two totally different doses, 50 milligrams per kilogram per day and 200 … We began off on 100 mg per kg per day, which got here out to 1.5 grams each six hours …

“I used to be at all times very impressed with hydrocortisone for sepsis. Extra just lately, like per week in the past, we now have a paper proving the lifesaving good thing about hydrocortisone in pneumonia. So, this wasn’t one thing I sucked out of the air.

“Then I added thiamine due to its a number of helpful results. At first I believed it will assist defend in opposition to oxalosis with vitamin C, however that wasn’t true. However thiamine really has essential results in middleman metabolism, mitochondrial perform, power, metabolism, and sufferers with sepsis are sometimes each vitamin C poor and thymine poor.

“That was the preliminary rationale for this. I believed, ‘Nicely, what do we’ve to lose?’ I used to be satisfied the subsequent morning after I got here to work, she wouldn’t be with us. I can let you know, I used to be utterly dumbfounded and shocked. The subsequent morning, she was sitting up in mattress, she was off vasopressor brokers. She received extubated. Her kidney perform had improved, and she or he left the ICU three days later.

“I used to be shocked. Our nurses had been shocked. The residents had been shocked. They’d by no means seen such a factor. It is a girl who we knew was going to die and she or he walked out of the hospital. If you see one thing like this, you say, ‘Wow, perhaps that was only a fluke.’ However I did it once more, and once more, and once more—and precisely the identical factor occurred.

“We began this as a protocol in our ICU and this was endorsed by our nurses as a result of they may see the dramatic impact. The nurses inform the reality. They’re those on the bedside … though the hospital tried to silence them.”

Marik’s Sepsis Protocol Confirmed to Save Lives

At one level, Marik thought of doing a randomized examine to check his sepsis protocol, however his nurses dissuaded him. They deemed it unethical to withhold a therapy that clearly had superior effectiveness from individuals within the placebo or typical therapy group. In the long run, he revealed a potential observational examine wherein he in contrast his therapy to retrospective knowledge.

“We used the identical choice standards and we confirmed a major discount in mortality from about 40 p.c within the ICU to eight p.c,” he says. “In the beginning, I used to be a hero on the hospital. They thought this was probably the most great factor. They supported me.

“They endorsed me and the dean supported me. However with time, because the media and [other] forces began taking part in out, I turned much less, and fewer, and fewer widespread, to the purpose when it got here to COVID, I used to be a pariah they usually needed to destroy me.

“At the moment, within the early or late 2017, 2018, sepsis was … one of many indicators of the standard of hospital care, and CMS [Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services] had high quality indicators. Hospital sepsis mortality was an enormous deal …

“The CEO of the hospital at the moment was a really good man. He supplied me with the [hospital mortality] knowledge. This was impartial knowledge from a knowledge analytics firm, which confirmed that since I had launched the protocol … the hospital mortality from sepsis fell from 20 p.c to eight p.c.”

How Does Vitamin C Fight Sepsis?

As for a way vitamin C works in sepsis,1 Marik factors out that vitamin C is extra of a stress hormone than a vitamin. All animals, except for people and guinea pigs, make vitamin C when burdened. It’s made predominantly by the liver and kidneys.

So, it’s crucial for or throughout stress. It’s additionally a strong antioxidant, and it’s required as a cofactor for the synthesis of many enzymes and proteins. It additionally performs an essential function in your immune system, because it’s concerned in white blood cell perform and the manufacturing of interferon.

Sadly, people don’t make endogenous vitamin C like different animals. So, after we are below stress or expertise acute sickness or an infection, we’d like vitamin C, and oftentimes greater than we get from our food regimen. As defined by Marik:

“When sufferers are septic, they’ve exceedingly low vitamin C ranges. Animal fashions present that while you exchange the vitamin C, it improves the result. This isn’t rocket science.

“Vitamin C is crucial as a stress hormone. It’s a vital antioxidant. And sepsis is a potent prooxidant. It’s essential for the immune system. It’s essential for the synthesis of catecholamines. It’s important for tissue restore. It simply is smart that it will be helpful in sepsis.”

The Timing of Vitamin C Administration Issues

The timing of the vitamin C administration for sepsis seems to be essential, nevertheless. In his paper, Marik said that sufferers had been handled inside 24 hours. Nonetheless, they had been actually handled inside six hours of ICU admission, and that is in all probability why some makes an attempt at replication have failed.

For instance, in a single, vitamin C was administered inside a 10-hour window. Others waited days earlier than giving it. In one of many largest research, which sought to invalidate Marik’s knowledge, they didn’t give the primary dose till 18 hours or extra had handed.

“On this massive randomized examine which so-called ‘disproved’ our paper, the time to initiation of remedy was exceedingly lengthy. Most sufferers had been greater than 24 hours … And, the investigators had beforehand viciously attacked me. In reality, at an open assembly they implied that I used to be a snake oil physician …

“As you realize, it is a conflict on repurposed medicine, and they’re going to do no matter they will. If you take a look at the info, it appears that evidently if [vitamin C] is given early, it really works. I did considerably of a dose-finding examine with our preliminary sufferers, simply based mostly on the variation based on what the pharmacy did, and it appeared like 1.5 grams, if given early, makes a distinction … If it’s given after six to 10 or 12 hours, I feel you want a better dose …

“Dr. Pierre Kory has achieved work in his ICU and he discovered precisely the identical factor, that when there’s a delay within the initiation of vitamin C, the mortality profit disappears. The query is, in case you give it later, can you utilize a better dose? That’s what we now are suggesting—that in case you miss that window of alternative, you in all probability want to make use of a better dose …

“There was a randomized examine achieved in Taiwan, however they couldn’t get it revealed as a result of the outcomes had been so hanging. They gave [vitamin C] inside two hours and the mortality discount was utterly off the charts. So, I feel there’s a relationship between time and dose … However what the optimum dose is, I’m undecided … We want higher dose-finding research …”

One of many causes Marik continues to be cautious about giving excessive doses of IV vitamin C for sepsis is as a result of at excessive doses, it will probably act as a prooxidant. That is significantly true when there are free metals and free iron, and with sepsis you do get launch of ferritin.

Marik Falsely Accused of Knowledge Fabrication

As talked about, in 2020, the MATH+ protocol turned an extension of the HAT remedy for sepsis. At the moment, the NIH [National Institutes of Health], the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], and WHO all claimed there was no therapy for sufferers hospitalized with COVID, which, as Marik notes, “is totally absurd.”

“How can a health care provider not deal with a affected person? We got here up with the MATH+ protocol … We demonstrated a discount in mortality.2 I had knowledge from my very own hospital displaying the discount in mortality. The primary assault in opposition to me got here when Kory, Dr. Jose Iglesias, and I wrote a overview paper on MATH+. We simply reviewed the rational for MATH+. In it, I quoted the hospital mortality, only one line, which was 8.6 p.c at the moment.

“The hospital mortality worldwide at that time was 20 p.c and we’ve subsequently revealed knowledge in a peer-reviewed journal displaying the common hospital mortality for COVID was 20 p.c.

“The place did I get the info? The chief medical officer of the hospital personally gave me the info, the hospital mortality, at Norfolk Basic. This was Dr. Michael Hooper. [But] Sentara Healthcare system and Hooper principally complained to the medical faculty [saying] I had fabricated the info.

“There was an enormous inquiry. In the long run, the medical faculty agreed with me … Anyway, what occurred is the hospital put strain on the journal, the Journal of Intensive Care Drugs, and compelled them to retract our paper due to ‘scientific fraud and misconduct.’

“The journal adopted what they stated. Clearly there have been different extraneous forces performing with the hospital, however they retracted our paper … That was actually the primary main assault on me personally, and on the MATH+ protocol and in opposition to what we had been doing … It was immoral as a result of what we had within the paper was the reality. I feel this emphasizes the facility that the hospital techniques have, and these different forces.”

As talked about earlier, regardless that the MATH+ protocol was saving lives, the hospital primarily banned its use, leaving solely poisonous remdesivir. “The primary week I went to work after this ban, I had seven sufferers with COVID and all seven died as a result of I used to be principally put ready that I wasn’t capable of deal with my sufferers,” he says.

Sham Peer Critiques and Kangaroo Courts

On the advice of his authorized counsel, Marik sued the hospital in an effort to get the MATH+ protocol reinstated. The identical day they went to courtroom, Marik obtained a letter accusing him of a bunch of outrageous crimes.

“What hospitals do to do away with docs who’re inconvenient to them, or who wish to inform the reality, is that they principally falsify various accusations,” Marik explains.

“They accused me of seven most outrageous issues, together with that I used to be forcing nurses to provide sufferers medicines to which they had been allergic. Are you able to think about one thing as outrageous as that? I feel you would need to be utterly moronic to really assume that a health care provider may ever do such a factor.

“They claimed I used to be forcing nurses to place the medicines down the NG [nasogastric] tube. These had been outrageous accusations and there was no documentation. There have been no names, or affected person information, or something to assist these claims, and based mostly on these outrageous claims, they suspended my hospital privileges instantly.

“I used to be discovered responsible. There was no due course of. I wasn’t allowed authorized illustration. They principally stopped me training medication based mostly on these false accusations.

“At the moment, I didn’t know what was happening however I acknowledged subsequently, it’s a course of referred to as ‘sham peer overview,’3 the place hospitals invent accusations in opposition to docs, and the system is such that since you don’t have due course of, you’re assumed to be responsible.

“You’ll be able to lose your license and your privileges, they usually get away with it. I then went to a listening to, which was certainly a kangaroo courtroom with about 25 hostile individuals, and I wasn’t allowed authorized illustration. They knew the earlier fees had been utterly bogus. They did what sham peer overview does. They modified the main focus.

“They didn’t deal with the earlier horrible crimes that I had dedicated. Now they principally stated that I used to be a horrible particular person. I used to be selling an environment of retaliation, mistrust. I had angered individuals. I had irritated individuals. I used to be simply an terrible human being, which was considerably stunning to me as a result of I’d by no means had a affected person grievance in my whole scientific profession, ever.

“I’d by no means had a grievance from a medical scholar. I’d by no means had a grievance from a resident. I had by no means had a grievance from a nurse. All my evaluations had been glowing. Abruptly I used to be this terrible, horrendous human being that was creating mistrust within the hospital. They went out of the way in which to not reinstate my privileges.

“They reported me to the Nationwide Practitioner Knowledge Financial institution. If you get reported to the Nationwide Practitioner Knowledge Financial institution, your title is there ceaselessly, and it makes it nearly unattainable to get a license once more in any state. The hospital primarily ended my profession based mostly on fraud, falsification of information, deceit, dishonesty, and unethical conduct.

“And right here I had knowledge to show that in my ICU, below my care, the mortality was a minimum of half that of my colleagues. That was irrelevant. They needed to do away with me as a result of I used to be difficult the system. Basically, I used to be pressured to resign as a result of they’ve monumental energy and affect … That primarily ended my profession.”

Nameless Profession Undoer Strikes Once more

Along with all of that, after Marik’s resignation in March 2022, a letter was despatched to the CHEST journal, which had revealed his sepsis examine in 2017, questioning the scientific validity of that paper and accusing him of information fabrication, but once more. The journal insisted he take the allegation significantly.

“I responded to the journal very professionally. I really nonetheless had my knowledge. I supplied the info, I supplied the IRB approval [from the] Institutional Evaluation Board. The protocol was authorized each by my medical faculty in addition to the well being care system. I supplied all the info.

“In September 2022, I obtained a letter from them, which stated, ‘After an intensive overview of the statistical strategies and info of the case, no additional motion will likely be taken in response to those allegations.’ CHEST cleared me of those allegations. Nonetheless, it goes on. ‘Nonetheless, in the course of the course of our investigation, we obtained a brand new allegation.’

“There have been now new allegations relating to the methodology in our paper, which they stated would violate the journal’s moral insurance policies, if true.

“Mainly, what they stated is, overview of the establishment’s information yielded a discrepancy in various sufferers assembly the inclusion and exclusion standards … [they were] principally saying that I had cherry-picked the sufferers. I had manipulated the info. There’s just one place that this accusation may have come from, just one supply.

“CHEST didn’t reveal the supply of the allegation, however you set two and two collectively and there’s completely no query of doubt the place this allegation got here from. This allegation got here from Sentara Healthcare system, as a result of they may in some vogue put collectively the info. There’s no query that the chief medical officer, Dr. Michael Hooper, and Sentara had once more needed to discredit me.

“That is the third time now they’re going after me. Once more, this went on from September 2022. I used to be completely satisfied that very like the Journal of Inner Care Drugs, the editor wouldn’t present scientific integrity and would have our paper retracted.

“Nonetheless, I used to be actually shocked that a couple of days in the past, April 3, I really obtained a letter from CHEST wherein they principally stated they discovered inadequate proof to substantiate all of those allegations.4 Basically we had been vindicated. What they did need us to do was to make two small modifications to the strategies part. The conclusions stayed the identical …

“These had been actually inconsequential modifications. In a means they validated our examine. They vindicated me. They vindicated the protocol. I used to be actually happy that CHEST really drew a line within the sand and stated, ‘You understand what? We’re going to have a look at the info. We’re going to face for the reality.’ Though CHEST had dragged their heels and weren’t that responsive, I’m actually appreciative to CHEST and the editor for standing up for the reality …

“As you realize, in case you problem the narrative and present that your therapy is definitely efficacious, safer, and cheaper than that being promoted by the CDC, the NIH, the federal authorities, you’re an enemy of the state they usually had been going to do no matter they may to take me down.”

Close to-Infrared Sauna Remedy for Lengthy COVID

The FLCCC  MATH+ protocol now additionally consists of near-infrared sauna remedy, which I feel is an exceptional addition, as near-infrared prompts the manufacturing of melatonin within the mitochondria. That is exactly the place melatonin is required most, as a result of a lot of the oxidative stress is created within the electron transport chain in the course of the manufacturing of ATP. Marik feedback:

“In the beginning I used to be just a little bit skeptical, however the actuality is there’s an infinite physique of science to assist this. I feel if one thing is legitimate, it is going to be on the market. For those who really do a MEDLINE search within the Nationwide Library of Drugs, you’ll discover over 6,000 publications on photobiomodulation. It’s really astonishing. Actually what it’s, is harnessing the facility of the solar.

“I do know you go for a stroll within the solar day by day. Completely, there’s monumental knowledge on the healing powers of the solar. In reality, in 1918 in the course of the influenza pandemic in Boston, they took sufferers who had been within the hospital outdoors within the solar. They referred to as this ‘open air remedy’ they usually confirmed the mortality decreased from 40 p.c to about 13 p.c.

“There’s knowledge now going again over 100 years testifying to the facility of the solar. A lot of the sunshine is near-infrared and near-infrared has monumental well being advantages … It’s anti-inflammatory, it energizes the mitochondria, improves your metabolic dysfunction. It’s actually essential.

“The issue is individuals who dwell in an igloo or close to the North Pole, that’s not conducive to going open air. However you should buy infrared lamps, one particularly that mimics sunshine, and you may expose your self to near-infrared day by day indoors.

“That’s what I do. It’s a part of my protocol. After I sit working or watching TV, I expose myself to near-infrared … You actually wish to replicate the way in which that we’ve developed.

“Sunshine in the course of the day. Consuming sparingly in the course of the day. Consuming saturated fats, after which at night time, you sit round a campfire. Campfire makes pink gentle, which is infrared, and it doesn’t swap off melatonin … It’s actually about getting again to fundamentals and I feel you’re one of many leaders on this way of life change.”

Discovering Fact Introduced a Silver Lining: Higher Well being

As famous by Marik, what occurred with COVID has shone a brilliant gentle on corruption, deceit and dishonesty within the medical system that had been there for many years. It simply wasn’t apparent to most individuals.

As soon as Marik started protocols to deal with COVID, he found that a lot of what’s taught in medical faculty and revealed in medical journals is fake. The fraud is perpetrated by Huge Pharma, and it’s to the detriment of our well being.

“Diabetes and metabolic dysfunction is a part of that,” he says. “For those who consider the narrative, Sort 2 diabetes is a progressive metabolic illness that’ll end in cardiac issues. You’re going to lose your legs. You’re going to have kidney illness, and the one therapy is pricey pharma medicine. That’s utterly false. It’s a lie.

“This turns into essential as a result of it’s projected that by the top of this decade, half of the world’s inhabitants are going to be overweight and over 20 p.c to 25 p.c could have Sort 2 diabetes. The implications are monumental. The underside line is Sort 2 diabetes is a metabolic illness on account of unhealthy way of life and actually unhealthy consuming habits.

“We eat on a regular basis. We snack on a regular basis. That is a part of the meals business’s aim. Processed meals, starch, turns into an habit. Most of us are glucose addicted and it’s, in reality, extra addictive than cocaine. It creates this vicious cycle of insulin resistance.

“For those who’re insulin resistant, it prevents leptin and the opposite hormones performing in your mind, so that you’re frequently hungry. If you’re frequently hungry, you eat extra, which causes extra insulin resistance. It causes this vicious cycle of overeating carbohydrates …

“What I did was, I began intermittent fasting … I began consuming actual meals, not processed meals. I’ve considerably decreased my consumption of carbohydrates. By altering my food regimen and way of life … I’m off my diabetes medication. My fasting glucose is all the way down to 100 the place it was once 150 or 160. My hemoglobin A1C, in all probability the very best marker of diabetes went from 7.1 to five.6 …

“By way of this journey, I’ve modified my way of life. I’ve modified the way in which I eat and hopefully we might help different individuals. I additionally found there may be an historical Chinese language herb referred to as berberine—it’s been used for 3,000 years—which might be the best diabetic remedy there may be. It’s very efficient and this has been demonstrated in actually good, well-designed trials.

“The explanation most individuals don’t learn about it’s you’ll be able to’t patent berberine, so nobody can make cash from promoting berberine.

“Due to this fact, there’s no monetary incentive in selling it. It’s low-cost. It’s over-the-counter, you may get on the web. The mixture of fixing my food regimen, altering what I eat, taking berberine—I’ve principally cured my diabetes and there are lots of folks that have adopted this path.

“Once more, it attests to the deceit and dishonesty of the medical system. They profit from individuals being chronically unwell, from chronically taking medicines as a result of that’s what generates their earnings. Truly, for the well being care system, I’ve saved monumental cash since you spend much less cash on meals and no cash on remedy, and I’m not going to develop, hopefully, all these diabetic issues.”

Extra Data

You will discover all of the totally different therapy protocols on the FLCCC web site, together with:

  • Prevention protocols for COVID, influenza, and RSV [respiratory syncytial virus].
  • Early COVID therapy protocols for adults and kids.
  • Acute therapy protocols for RSV and influenza in addition to a hospital therapy protocol for COVID-19.
  • Recuperate protocols for lengthy COVID.
  • Submit-COVID jab protocol.

They now also have a therapy protocol for insulin resistance. Marik can be engaged on a brand new most cancers therapy protocol utilizing a metabolic strategy and repurposed medicine. “Very like diabetes, sufferers with most cancers can empower themselves,” he says, including:

“I’ll let you know a couple of exceptional peer-reviewed randomized managed examine—precisely what the ivory tower individuals need—that checked out three easy interventions to scale back the danger of most cancers. Three. Vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, and train—and never smoking. They confirmed that these easy interventions scale back your threat of most cancers by 50 p.c. Isn’t that essential?

“There are another issues I might add to the protocol. Melatonin is essential in stopping most cancers. There’s actually good knowledge that individuals who have low melatonin ranges have a lot increased threat of most cancers, significantly breast most cancers …

“So, there are easy issues individuals can do to empower themselves to each scale back their threat of getting most cancers and if they’ve most cancers, they will work with their oncologist in an integrative adjunctive means, which can enable a discount within the doses of poisonous chemotherapeutic medicine. I feel it is a actually thrilling space of endeavor …

“[Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s] e-book was the impetus of me taking place this path. His e-book is sensible. He’s a real scientist. I’m completely astonished by the depth and breadth of his analysis. When you learn his e-book, it’s completely clear that it is a metabolic illness and it may be managed by metabolic intervention.

“I feel he’s a pioneer, and for me, he’s modified my path. This isn’t based mostly on rumour or snake oil medication. That is based mostly on actually high-level scientific investigation. His work gave me the springboard and the encouragement to observe this path.”

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