Delivery Charges Plunge in Closely Vaccinated Nations

In lots of nations, births dropped sharply 9 months after peak COVID vaccine uptake. Let’s have a look at how this occurs. And can these populations recuperate?

Very important Statistics–Hidden Information

For the reason that starting of COVID, very important statistics as reported by governments all over the world, are laborious to return by. Spotty availability hinders evaluation and understanding.

For instance, even at present in america, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, and Washington are 4 of the states that, as of this writing, haven’t up to date births knowledge since 2019 [1] and 2020. [2] [3] [4]

Nineteen European Nations

By August 2022, Raimond Hagemann, Ulf Lorré, and Dr. Hans-Joachim Kremer had compiled knowledge on delivery charge modifications in 19 European nations and produced a particularly essential paper. [5] In nation after nation, the inflection level of decreased births is constant on the finish of the yr 2021.

This was 9 months after the spring zeitgeist to take the COVID vaccines. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovenia, in addition to Iceland, Northern Eire, Montenegro, Serbia—all present this sample. 9 months after peak vaccine uptake—the births decline.

From R Hagemann, U Lorré, et al. Danish knowledge (p 31):

The corresponding graph for every of the 19 nations has an identical sample: peak uptake of COVID vaccines in spring of 2021, adopted by precipitous birthrate declines starting 9 months later.

All the nineteen nations studied noticed accelerating declines in births in 2022, starting at 9 months after peak COVID vaccine uptake. Observe the small p values within the following desk, favoring temporal affiliation of the 2 occasions. This, in flip, helps the Bradford Hill temporality criterion relating to causation of infertility, slightly than a extremely coincidental correlation between peak vaccination in spring of 2021 and sharply declining delivery charges 9 months later.

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Information analyst Gato Malo has famous, as have others, that too many nations are locking their very important statistics knowledge away from public view, which pre-empts any legitimate evaluation. Occasional glimpses can be found.

Taking a look at Sweden, he discovered that if he overlaid month-to-month change in births, that the sturdy dip in births starting in November—December 2021, strains up very tightly with the share of people that had been unvaccinated 9 months earlier. [6] This was per the R Hagemann, U Lorré, et al. findings. And births in Sweden haven’t but proven indicators of restoration from this decline.

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(knowledge, owid)


At an identical time as within the above nations, we see births decline within the UK. After December 2021, the variety of girls giving delivery is not within the forty 1000’s, however now crosses down into the thirty 1000’s, and stays there. [7] See the column “Girls giving delivery.”

From the UK Well being Safety Company (p 18):

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Evaluating year-over-year decline, we’d write this imply decline from the primary two quarters of 2021 to the primary two quarters of 2022, the place b is births, as (Σ b1, 2021…b6, 2021) – (Σ b1, 2022…b6, 2022) = 256,785 – 227,302 = 29,483. It is a deficit of 4,913 births monthly within the UK. Equally to Sweden, the inflection level of decline is at a 9–11 month level following the months of peak vaccine uptake within the UK. [8]

From Johns Hopkins College, Our World In Information, peak vaccine uptake within the UK was within the first quarter of 2021:

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Switzerland noticed its largest drop in delivery charges in 150 years, greater than in every of the 2 World Wars, the Nice Despair, and even the introduction of broadly used oral contraceptives. [9]

Why Is This Occurring?

Naomi Wolf explored menstrual irregularities reported following COVID vaccination, and even following contact with COVID-vaccinated folks. As the primary to debate these issues publicly, and to assemble knowledge on-line from girls who had been experiencing these menstrual modifications, she was criticized and censored on social media.

Her Every day Clout group led a workforce of over 3,000 researchers, together with Pierre Kory M.D., to dissect the paperwork launched by Pfizer/FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] beneath court docket order relating to scientific outcomes of the 44,000-person scientific trial of the Pfizer COVID vaccines. The Every day Clout workforce summarized their findings of their e book on Kindle: “Pfizer Paperwork Evaluation Reviews.” [10]

They report Pfizer’s findings of overwhelming accidents of their experimental group. Of the 22,000 people who had obtained the Pfizer vaccine, “Johns Hopkins College, Our World In Information.” [11]

The Every day Clout workforce explores of their e book subjects associated to the COVID vaccines’ impacts on female and male fertility. As their workforce traced the information reported by Pfizer, it was discovered that 270 of the pregnant girls within the Pfizer trial reported a vaccine harm. “ … however Pfizer solely adopted 32 of them and 28 of their infants died. It is a stunning 87.5% fetal loss of life charge.” [12]

Pfizer logged over 158,000 separate hostile occasions throughout that scientific trial, beneath 1290 various kinds of hostile occasions, an unlimited compendium of human struggling, as partially imaged beneath from the primary a part of the letter A. [13]

From Pfizer Worldwide Security (p 30):

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Wolf’s workforce notes that “If Pfizer had a TV business for its COVID vaccine itemizing the 158,893 hostile occasions reported within the first 12 weeks, the announcer could be studying them for greater than 80 consecutive hours.” [14]

Even this exhaustive checklist couldn’t be full, as a result of Pfizer couldn’t account for the outcomes of twenty-two % of contributors. Pfizer does checklist 11,361 of the sufferers as “not recovered” on the time of their report. [15] That is 51.6 % of their experimental group “not recovered” from hostile occasions.

No Liquid Will ‘Simply Keep within the Shoulder/Arm.’

We now have recognized, and Pfizer has confessed to, the transmission of spike proteins from one particular person to a different by pores and skin contact and exhalation. I cite and talk about that within the context of 1 grownup to a different in a group setting. [16]

Adversarial results on vaccinated breastfeeding moms and their infants included a spread of vomiting, fever, rash, partial paralysis, blue-green discolored breast milk, and different negative effects.

Not surprisingly, the injected vaccine liquid passes from mom to nursing toddler as nicely, in accordance with long-established physics rules of dispersal and diffusion of liquid launched right into a semi-solid (55–60 % water) physique, in addition to centuries of fundamental, undisputed physiology and circulation of blood and lymph: Liquids launched into the physique diffuse all through the physique, as all the time.

It has additionally been recognized of lipid nanoparticle (LNP) supply of treatment—since its first improvement—that it, in fact, enters the circulation. Those that alleged—and people who believed—{that a} liquid injection would “keep within the arm” had not even a junior highschool pupil’s grasp of fundamental biology or physics.

However Pfizer knew. It suggested male contributors within the trial to keep away from sexual contact with girls of childbearing age or to make use of condoms.

Right here is an outline of the influence of LNP-delivered substances on human female and male reproductive organs. [17]

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From Wang R, Music B, et al. Potential hostile results of nanoparticles on the reproductive system

Male Infertility and the COVID Vaccines

mRNA vaccine components are noticed to disperse all through the physique, gathering within the testes, amongst different organs. [18] An hostile occasion of be aware in Pfizer’s checklist of 1290 such occasions post-vaccination is “anti-sperm antibodies.”

From Pfizer Worldwide Security:

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An Israeli examine later confirmed injury to sperm, each in whole numbers and motility, from the Pfizer vaccine. [19]

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The phrase “briefly” within the title is deceptive as a result of the researchers assumed sperm would recuperate after their three-month examine interval, though they ended their commentary at the moment. And they didn’t present any proof that sperm did truly recuperate. So their phrase “briefly” is thus far unverified.

Pfizer didn’t take a look at for male reproductive toxicity, [20] nor for the hostile results which may be transmitted by vaccinated males’s semen on their kids’s improvement.

One would possibly assume that male reproductive results would have been examined for in Pfizer’s trial on rats. Nevertheless, solely the feminine rats had been vaccinated; the male ones weren’t. [21] When Pfizer pronounced the male rats’ reproductive organs freed from toxicity, they uncared for to emphasise the sooner superb print: male rats had not been vaccinated in any respect.

However Pfizer did instruct human male examine contributors to keep away from intercourse or to make use of a condom.

Hurt brought on by LNPs to male reproductive organs and skill had already been established years earlier. As seen on this 2018 examine, such organs had been recognized to be weak to poisonous influences from LNPs. [22] In addition to lowered sperm counts and motility, researchers have discovered “folded amorphous spermatozoa, cells missing or displaying a small hook, and cells with undulating or elongated heads had been essentially the most frequent abnormalities discovered.” [23]

Furthermore, poisonous chemical compounds, corresponding to phthalates and different endocrine disruptors, [24] had been already plentiful within the surroundings previous to the COVID vaccines. These have probably contributed to declining sperm quantity and high quality for a half-century, [25] during which sperm counts have been dropping by about 1 % per yr since 1972. [26]

Nevertheless, the COVID vaccines are making spermatogenesis much more uncommon. The issue is that many of the male reproductive cells, together with spermatogonia and spermatozoa, specific ACE-2, which is what spike proteins use for entry into human cells. Simply as occurs in blood vessels all through the physique, the spike protein arrival on the ACE-2 receptors was discovered to wreck not solely sperm, but in addition the blood-testis barrier, and to contribute to orchitis. At day 150, sperm focus was 15.9 % beneath baseline, beneath even the 75 to 120-day interval, and had not begun to recuperate by the top of the examine.[27]

Feminine Infertility and the COVID Vaccines

The World Well being Group had lengthy taken an curiosity in “anti-fertility vaccines” and “fertility regulating vaccines,” as they wrote in 1992. “Chorionic gonadotropin is the one antigen that fulfils standards for a really perfect contraceptive vaccine.” [Emphasis mine.] [28]

Fetal loss of life was so rampant amongst COVID-vaccinated pregnant girls noticed by the CDC within the V-Protected Surveillance System [29] that I in contrast the miscarriage charge to the “morning-after capsule” within the abortive impact of these pregnancies for which outcomes had been reported. [30] That’s, between 80 to 90 % abortive impact. That is similar to what the Naomi Wolf/Every day Clout workforce discovered, 87.5 %, as referenced above. Nevertheless, that V-Protected knowledge had been launched too early for correct tally of all being pregnant outcomes, just because it included girls nonetheless of their first two trimesters.

This paper examines the cohort of pregnant girls within the second half (second 20 weeks) of their pregnancies. [31] Nevertheless, it appears to be flawed by lacking knowledge. [32]

Miscarriages additionally present a dose-dependent response. The Pfizer vaccine is a 30 mcg dose and the Moderna vaccine is a 100 mcg dose. At an October 2022 CDC skilled committee assembly (ACIP), the next knowledge had been introduced:

12,751 girls took the Pfizer vaccine, and eight,365 girls took the Moderna vaccine. 422 Pfizer-vaccinated girls, that’s 3 % of the Pfizer whole, miscarried (misplaced their being pregnant by 20 weeks gestation), and 395 of the Moderna-vaccinated girls, that’s 4.7 % of the Moderna whole, miscarried. [33]

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CDC. COVID-19 in pregnant folks and infants ages 0–5 months. (pdf)

So which means that 42 % extra of the Moderna group miscarried than the Pfizer group. This massive proportion distinction in such massive cohorts (within the 1000’s of contributors) helps a dose-response relationship of the COVID mRNA vaccine with miscarriage, worsened with the stronger dosing. This dose response is one other of the Bradford Hill standards to determine trigger and impact.

The paperwork that Pfizer sought to have hid for 75 years, however as an alternative was compelled to launch by court docket order, reveal the 1290 varieties of hostile occasions, and 158,000 whole hostile occasions, famous above.

Additionally revealed in the identical paperwork was that Pfizer excluded 21 teams of individuals from their trials, together with “girls who’re pregnant or breastfeeding.” [34]

The vaccines had been examined on 44 pregnant rats over 6 weeks, as required by protocols of Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity research, however they’d not been examined on pregnant girls. Sick results weren’t reported from the rat examine. [35]

Nevertheless, 9 of the ten examine authors had been employed by and held inventory in Pfizer or BioNTech firms, as acknowledged in small print on the finish of the article. Due to this fact, a highly-conflicted examine of solely 44 rats, studied over six weeks, was the only analysis foundation for the obstetric occupation to induce pregnant girls to be vaccinated.

Pfizer’s reporting of ladies within the trials who grew to become pregnant following vaccination discovered 413 pregnant girls, of whom 270 instances had been thought-about to be severe and 146 to be non-serious. The intense instances included “spontaneous abortion (23), final result pending (5), untimely delivery with neonatal loss of life, spontaneous abortion with intrauterine loss of life (2 every), spontaneous abortion with neonatal loss of life, and regular final result (1 every). No final result was offered for 238 pregnancies.” [36] An issue with the brief 12-week trial is that almost all of those new pregnancies had been apparently in early gestation, first trimester, at trial finish.

The Every day Clout analysis workforce decided after inspecting and evaluating miscarriages following varied vaccines over time:

“If you’re pregnant, you usually tend to lose your child in a miscarriage when you obtain a COVID-19 vaccine than when you obtain measles, mumps, flu, tetanus, or some other vaccine.” [37]

They discovered from the U.S. authorities’s Vaccine Adversarial Occasion Reporting System (VAERS) that in VAERS’ 30-year historical past, by March 2022, a complete of 4,693 had skilled miscarriage in all these years. 4,505 of these had obtained a single vaccine. 3,430 of these miscarriages had been in girls whose vaccinations included a COVID vaccine. Sixteen of these 3,430 had additionally obtained one other vaccine close to that point. So 3,430 – 16 = 3,414 miscarriages had been after the COVID vaccine alone.

Evaluate this quantity with 4,505 for all single vaccines over the 30-year historical past of VAERS. Due to this fact, 3,414 / 4,505 = 76 % of all miscarriages ever reported to VAERS occurred after the COVID vaccines, throughout the brief time that they’ve been in use, December 2020 by March 2022.

Since at the least 2010, it has been recognized that nano-particles had been hazardous to the ovaries and to fertility typically, and bioaccumulation has been recognized. [38] [39]

Within the case of spike proteins, it comes as no shock that the ACE-2 receptor is the port of entry for spike proteins to achieve entry to ovarian cells, each granulosa and cumulus cells. [40] These are the ovarian cells that assist the event of oocytes.

Congenital Malformations

The U.S. Protection Medical Epidemiology Database System (DMED) [41] is the biggest database of well being statistics of the commonly younger, wholesome, and match army inhabitants. That’s till army service members had been compelled to take the COVID vaccines or to be dishonorably discharged, with lack of advantages. Few if any non secular exemptions had been permitted.

The DMED database reported when evaluating 2021 to 2020, a 419 % improve in feminine infertility reviews, a 320 % improve in male infertility reviews, and an 87 % improve in congenital malformations. The report exhibits a imply baseline charge of 10,906 instances per yr, 2016 to 2020. Then a part of 2021, not even the complete yr, confirmed 18,951 such instances. [42] It is a 74 % improve over the 2016 to 2020 imply.

Prevention is massively simpler than remedy. Avoiding toxins corresponding to LNPs, particularly those who generate spike protein, such because the mRNA vaccines, is a needed first step. Let’s hope that the approaching years present the fertility disaster for each women and men to be reversible, as we learn the way which may be completed.

Reposted from Colleen Huber’s Substack.


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