Lengthy-Time period Constipation Could Result in Most cancers, Therapeutic massage These 4 Acupoints to Relieve It

Analysis has confirmed that persistent constipation is likely one of the danger components for colorectal neoplasms. Nevertheless, conventional Chinese language medication (TCM) methods corresponding to acupressure therapeutic massage, natural medication, and every day food plan can successfully deal with constipation, thus decreasing the danger of colorectal neoplasms.

In america, constipation is likely one of the most typical gastrointestinal circumstances, with at the very least 2.5 million folks in search of medical consideration yearly.

The prevalence of constipation in adults is about 16 p.c, with 33 p.c over 60 years outdated. Aged folks typically expertise problem in bowel actions on account of dryness within the intestines. Younger folks and workplace employees could have poor bowel actions on account of extended sitting and excessive stress ranges.

As well as, processed meals within the trendy food plan have led to an growing variety of folks affected by constipation.

A research printed within the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics in 2014 confirmed that the incidence and prevalence of colorectal most cancers in sufferers with persistent constipation had been considerably greater than these within the management group with out persistent constipation, and these dangers elevated with the situation’s severity.

So how can we deal with constipation and scale back or keep away from the danger of colon most cancers? Allow us to discover what the traditional knowledge of TCM can train us about constipation.

5 Varieties of Constipation

First, we should perceive the varied varieties of constipation.

1. Sluggish Bowel Actions

One of these constipation is characterised by very sluggish gastrointestinal peristalsis and poor bowel motion, which ends up from poor bowel habits.

In accordance with TCM, the early morning hours from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. are the instances the massive gut meridian circulates, and it’s best to have a bowel motion throughout this time. Nevertheless, it’s possible you’ll battle to have a bowel motion within the morning. Consequently, intestinal motion deteriorates, resulting in delayed transit constipation.

TCM posits that the human physique has a meridian system that serves because the pathway for power circulation, answerable for delivering qi (very important power) and blood all through the physique. There are 12 meridians within the human physique, every related to one of many 12 inner organs.

The 24 hours are divided into 12 two-hour intervals, throughout which the corresponding meridians and their related organs are notably energetic. Acupoints—particular factors with particular features on the meridians—may be stimulated by acupuncture or acupressure to deal with ailments associated to corresponding organs.

2. Stress-Induced

Psychological, stress-induced constipation is the most typical kind, particularly amongst workplace employees who can not have a bowel motion within the early morning hours. Many younger folks these days habitually keep up late and will skip breakfast or not have sufficient time for a bowel motion. Beneath the double pressures of time and temper, nervous stress constipation is definitely triggered.

3. Rectal or Colorectal Tumors or Ailments

One of these constipation is attributable to tumors or different ailments within the rectum or colon. Conversely, constipation may also contribute to creating tumors within the rectum or colon.

4. Being pregnant

Some ladies expertise constipation throughout being pregnant.

5. Medicine-Induced

One of these constipation is attributable to drugs treating different circumstances.

Therapeutic massage These 4 Acupoints to Promote Bowel Motion

1. Kongzui (LU 6): Treats Constipation and Hemorrhoids

We will use acupressure to assist promote bowel motion. I like to recommend an necessary acupoint known as Kongzui. In historical instances, Kongzui was generally used to deal with hemorrhoids attributable to poor bowel motion or constipation, and it had wonderful outcomes.

The Kongzui is positioned midway between the wrist and elbow crease, alongside the palmar facet of the forearm, starting from the bottom of the thumb to the wrist.

Urgent and massaging this level can stimulate the rectum and provoke bowel motion when experiencing arduous stools or poor bowel motion.

The Kongzui acupoint (LU 6). (The Epoch Instances)

2. Chengshan (BL 57): Treats Constipation, Hemorrhoids, and Decrease Again Ache

The acupoint Chengshan is positioned in the course of the decrease leg, between the knee crease and the heel, the place there’s a despair fashioned by the gastrocnemius muscle. Like acupoint Kongzui, Chengshan is very efficient in treating hemorrhoids and constipation. Correct acupressure on this level can virtually remedy constipation.

Chengshan can also be helpful for assuaging decrease again ache. Subsequently, folks with decrease again ache, constipation, or hemorrhoids can therapeutic massage this acupoint for reduction.

Epoch Times Photo
The Chengshan acupoint (BL 57). (The Epoch Instances)

3. Shenmen (HT 7): Treats Stress-Induced Constipation and Promotes Sleep

The acupoint Shenmen, which might alleviate stress and strain, is positioned on the junction between the little and ring fingers towards the wrist. Drawing a line from that time to the place it intersects with the wrist identifies the situation of Shenmen. Massaging this acupoint can instantly scale back stress and enhance sleep high quality.

Subsequently, combining Shenmen with acupoint Three Yin Intersection (SP 6) is commonly used to deal with sufferers with psychological or sleep issues. Shenmen helps to cut back stress, so in case your constipation is attributable to stress, massaging this acupoint can present reduction.

Epoch Times Photo
The Shenmen acupoint (HT 7). (The Epoch Instances)

4. Tianshu (ST 25): Treats Constipation and Diarrhea

The acupoint Tianshu has a constructive impact on treating each constipation and diarrhea. It’s positioned about three finger widths outward on both facet of the navel.

Press gently and launch the acupoint with the thumb, repeating this movement seven to 9 instances.

Epoch Times Photo
The Tianshu acupoint (ST 25). (The Epoch Instances)

TCM Treatments for Treating Constipation

Many conventional natural formulation have confirmed to be efficient in treating numerous circumstances. Though their utilization could fluctuate relying on the person’s situation, they’ll nonetheless present good outcomes when tailor-made accordingly.

1. 5-Seeds Capsule: Lubricates the Intestines and Promotes Peristalsis

The 5-Seeds Capsule consists of 5 varieties of seeds: pine nut, arborvitae seed, Japanese bush cherry seed, peach kernel, and apricot seed, mixed with tangerine peel.

These seeds, wealthy in oil content material, naturally lubricate and easy the intestines. This prescription is particularly for sufferers with deficiency-type constipation, characterised by sluggish gastrointestinal motility.

2. Cistanches Herba and Tuber Fleeceflower: Moistens the Intestines and Enhances the Kidneys for Older Individuals

Some older people could expertise poor bowel actions on account of dryness within the intestines. As folks age, their intestines are likely to change into drier. In such circumstances, it is strongly recommended to make use of a mixture of moistening formulation and kidney-tonifying herbs. For instance, Cistanches Herba and Tuber Fleeceflower moisten the intestines and tonify the kidneys. These two herbs may help promote easy bowel actions whereas nourishing the kidneys.

3. Chinese language Angelica Root: Enriches Blood, Lubricates the Intestines, and Promotes Fertility

I had a affected person who couldn’t conceive even after seven to eight years of marriage and who additionally suffered from constipation. I beneficial she take 100 grams of Chinese language angelica root every day. Chinese language angelica root not solely nourishes the blood but additionally lubricates the intestines. After just a few months of consumption, she skilled easy bowel actions and efficiently conceived and gave start to 2 youngsters.

4. Dietary Concerns

Constipated folks ought to devour sure fruits that help in bowel actions, corresponding to papaya, bananas, and pineapple. These fruits are simply accessible and might considerably enhance bowel regularity.

Papaya is wealthy in fiber and enzymes that may break down proteins, stimulate gastrointestinal motility, and facilitate easy bowel actions. Consuming half a papaya per day successfully alleviates constipation.

Papaya additionally accommodates a considerable quantity of lutein, which aids within the sensitivity of photoreceptor cells within the retina. Because of the excessive lutein content material, consuming half to 1 complete papaya directly may briefly flip your palms, eyes, and face barely yellow. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as a want to fret; the coloration is innocent and can naturally disappear shortly after you’ve eaten the papaya.

Pineapple is wealthy in dietary fiber and accommodates enzymes just like these present in papaya, contributing to the breakdown of proteins. Subsequently, it’s thought-about by trendy medication to remove free radicals within the physique and promote digestion. Pineapple additionally accommodates citric acid, making it a very good supply of vitamin C.

*Some herbs talked about on this article could also be unfamiliar, however they’re usually accessible in Asian supermarkets.

Word: As a result of totally different folks have totally different constitutions, it is strongly recommended to seek the advice of your physician or TCM specialists.