PREMIERING 9:30 AM ET: Oils, Fat, and Irritation: Is What You Are Consuming Serving to or Hurting?

Which oils and fat can we eat to keep away from toxicity and to enhance our well being somewhat than hurt it?
Biochemical researcher Dayan Goodenowe says the reply begins with figuring out why the human physique wants oil and fats within the first place and the way it makes use of them.
“Once you eat a excessive Omega-6 fats meal, your physique doesn’t actually digest that fats, it principally simply reorganizes it, and sends it on to your fats cells for later.”
Mr. Goodenowe is presently conducting scientific trials into the usage of an oil-derived substance—plasmalogen—for treating neurodegenerative illness. VitalSigns documented the breakthrough outcomes of this in treating a uncommon genetic dysfunction in youngsters within the video: Alzheimer’s: Key to Treatment….