The Advantages of Vitamin C in Most cancers Remedy

Suppose you’ve acquired the dreaded prognosis and also you’re evaluating your choices for remedy.

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  • Examples of holistic therapies used for most cancers embody vitamin C alone and together with artesunate (a malaria remedy) and/or hyperthermia, curcumin, melatonin, and mistletoe.
  • One key level to be made about holistic oncology is that the sooner you begin this sort of remedy, the higher. Most sufferers who search different methods have already finished great injury to their our bodies with a number of rounds of chemo, which makes pure treatments much less able to reaching full therapeutic.
  • Complete meals vitamin C and IV vitamin C serve two completely different capabilities. Complete meals vitamin C is just not appropriate for the remedy of most cancers, however does wonders for basic well being assist, whereas high-dose vitamin C with sodium ascorbate has highly effective drug-like results appropriate for acute and extreme infections and cancers.
  • Vitamin C has all kinds of precision results, which may be usually labeled into genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and immunomodulatomic results.
  • Vitamin C is usually regarded as an antioxidant, which is true orally and at decrease doses, however in excessive doses, it turns into a pro-oxidant, and that’s really what permits it to kill most cancers cells and offers it its vital antiviral and antibacterial properties

On this interview, Dr. Nathan Goodyear discusses the advantages of vitamin C in most cancers remedy.

Goodyear began out as a gynecologist and pelvic ground surgeon. As soon as out of residency, nevertheless, he seen that a number of what he’d been taught in medical college didn’t work. Then, in 2006, he developed pheochromocytoma, a uncommon sort of tumor that develops within the adrenal gland, inflicting it to excrete excessive quantities of norepinephrine, which in flip causes extraordinarily hypertension and coronary heart fee.

That have pushed him to make the transition into the sphere of most cancers. The final 5 and a half years, he’s been working with Brio-Medical, a holistic most cancers clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, of which the final six months he has served as medical director. He works with 4 different physicians—two medical docs and two naturopathic physicians.

“The traditional strategy appears to observe the logic ‘destroy to heal,’ and I simply don’t know the place that basically happens in nature outdoors standard most cancers remedy. Therapeutic must be your focus and aim to attain therapeutic. It’s important to heal to heal. Our therapeutic technique focus in most cancers is to faucet into the physique’s designed capability to heal itself by way of the concentrating on of the basis causes,” Goodyear says.

“If you have a look at holistic pure therapies, there’s this assumption by many, together with standard medication, that we’re simply throwing darts up on the wall and hope they stick.

“However in truth, we’re following the science of genomics, epigenomic, transcriptomics, metabolomics, and immunomodulomics. That is the way forward for medication that’s right here now, and we’re being extremely particular and focused for the dysfunction throughout the most cancers, however with pure holistic or built-in remedy.”

Examples of holistic therapies used for most cancers embody vitamin C together with artemisinin or artesunate (a main malaria remedy). This combo is superb for prostate and breast most cancers particularly. Curcumin and melatonin each even have vital anticancer results. Goodyear likes to mix hyperthermia with high-dose vitamin C and curcumin. “Research have proven that while you give vitamin C with complete physique hyperthermia, you really obtain a better plasma ascorbic acid focus. In order that’s going to impression the struggle in opposition to most cancers extra,” he explains.

Mistletoe is one other wonderful most cancers remedy. I’ve beforehand interviewed Dr. Nasha Winters about the usage of mistletoe in oncology, so for extra in-depth data, see that interview.

One key level to be made about holistic oncology is that the sooner you begin this sort of remedy, the higher. Sadly, most affected person who search different methods have already finished great injury to their our bodies, notably the immune system, with one, two, and even three rounds of chemo, which actually impairs your physique’s means to heal naturally.

“If we will get them earlier within the course of … earlier than they get standard chemo and/or radiation, the impression is big,” Goodyear says.

“Earlier than you destroy the immune system, one can really heal with the immune system. I can’t inform you what number of women with breast most cancers have been in a position to protect their breasts with this most cancers therapeutic technique. You may really heal the physique, not destroy it. That may be a novel idea as a result of while you destroy the immune system by way of standard remedy, you’re going to see most cancers recur and unfold.”

Usually, it’s not the preliminary most cancers that kills you. What kills is when the most cancers spreads (metastasizes) to different areas of your physique. Additionally, most most cancers sufferers don’t really die from the most cancers, however from the remedy that standard oncologists use to deal with the most cancers.

“The literature could be very clear—particularly within the final 5 to 10 years—that 90 p.c of morbidity and mortality related to most cancers is when it spreads,” Goodyear says. “Fortunately, analysis has present[d] understanding of how this chemotherapy and radiation-induced metastasis course of happens.

“So, let’s have a look at most tolerated chemotherapy. The literature could be very clear on this and … reveals the mechanisms in the way it [contributes to death]. Most tolerated chemotherapy really induces the mechanisms to unfold the most cancers. In breast most cancers, most to tolerated chemotherapy will cut back the first tumor, but on the similar time, trigger it to unfold to distant areas within the physique.

“Thus, that results in 90 p.c of morbidity and mortality related to most cancers. So, the very remedy being utilized in standard oncology to deal with the tumor is definitely leading to 90 p.c of morbidity and mortality related to most cancers … That’s in unforced error.

“Lots of people that come to us, they’re so shocked. They ask, ‘Why didn’t I find out about this? Why didn’t I do know that surgical procedure could cause metastasis? Why didn’t I do know chemotherapy and radiation could cause metastasis?’”

The story of vitamin C demonstrates that the satan’s within the particulars. Roughly 50 years in the past, Linus Pauling demonstrated that intravenous vitamin C (10 grams a day for 10 days) improved most cancers survival. Later, researchers on the Mayo Clinic tried to breed the outcomes, however didn’t use IV vitamin C. They as a substitute gave 10 grams orally, and located no profit.

Within the educational battle that adopted, Mayo received and for the subsequent a number of many years, the standard thought was that vitamin C doesn’t work. That started to vary round 2000, when Dr. Ping Chen, a traditional oncologist began wanting into vitamin C and publishing papers on its pharmacokinetics.

Since then, there’s been a mix of pushback in opposition to the concept that vitamin C works on the one hand, and on the opposite, rising analysis that factors to vitamin C’s results as highly effective as any drug.

Vitamin C does have drug-like results, and I wish to consult with it as a pharmaco-mimetic, however it’s nonetheless a pure organic molecule that can not be patented, and therefore can’t be a drug. Additionally, to be clear, there are distinct variations between complete meals vitamin C and ascorbic acid.

They actually have two very completely different functions. Complete meals vitamin C is just not appropriate for the remedy of most cancers, however does wonders for basic well being assist, because it interacts favorably with copper and iron in your cells and mitochondria. I solely advocate and use high-dose IV vitamin C in circumstances of acute an infection or sickness, because it does have very potent “drug-like” results. Goodyear provides:

“It’s really inducing metabolic modifications and epigenetics. That’s the wonderful thing about pure therapies. Standard medication will take an strategy to sort of throw a monkey wrench in to the physique’s physiology to close every little thing down … with no holistic perspective of how that impacts the entire physique. It’s a really compartmentalized strategy.

A holistic strategy is sort of a pebble thrown into a peaceful pool within the morning. Its results ripple all through the physiology of the physique. That’s the great thing about pure therapies.

Now in most cancers and sepsis … after we’re coping with the key dysfunction present in most cancers, the place issues have metabolically, genetically, immunologically gone off the rails, we’ve got to come back in and actually work to show the tide. That’s the place the intravenous vitamin C supply is required. That’s the place the sodium ascorbate is available in, as a result of that’s the one method we’re going to have the ability to change that tide.”

When treating most cancers, IV must be used since you merely can not take the excessive dosages required orally. Doses over 10 to twenty grams of ascorbic acid will trigger free stools when taken orally, however IV administration bypasses the limitation of the intestine. It additionally permits the vitamin C to get straight into the blood to the extracellular fluid, into the tumor microenvironment, to penetrate the tumor and saturate the whole lot of the tumor.

Now, should you really feel such as you’re coming down with an an infection, akin to a flu or chilly, oral vitamin C is a lot ample. Oral dosing of vitamin C, utilizing a nonliposomal product, can double your blood degree of vitamin C, and utilizing liposomal vitamin C—which is what I’ve been recommending for years—can improve it three- to fivefold—as much as about 300 micromolar. So, liposomal vitamin C could make a giant distinction.

Nevertheless, while you’re coping with most cancers, you want a minimal 1,000 micromolar, or 1 millimolar, within the extracellular fluid to kill most cancers cells, which is why you actually need to make use of IV. Within the case of enormous tumors, or vital most cancers unfold, a lot increased plasma concentrations are required.

Whereas the dosage is extremely particular person to every affected person, as a basic benchmark, Goodyear usually begins at 1.5 grams per kilogram, which for the common individual could be someplace between 100 and 200 grams per dose, 3 times per week.

So, to be clear, I don’t advise taking ascorbic acid for day by day vitamin C necessities. I strongly recommend you utilize complete meals vitamin C which is way superior as a day by day complement.

Vitamin C has all kinds of results, which may be usually labeled into the next: genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and immunomodulatomic.

“The purpose right here is that vitamin C isn’t just straight killing most cancers cells, what we’d name cytotoxic results. Vitamin C is definitely working to vary the metabolism of the most cancers.

“What meaning is, it creates an vitality disaster. It really depletes the physique of sure intermediates that make it so this most cancers, which is hooked on sugar, can not use [the sugar] effectively to make vitality (ATP), so it … dies. It additionally depletes [the cancer] of its means to detoxify.

“So, to be particular, analysis reveals that vitamin C depletes the most cancers of decreased glutathione. And eliminating that glutathione in that most cancers eliminates its means to deal with the excessive oxidative stress that this pro-oxidative vitamin C remedy induces, which kills the most cancers cell.

“It additionally disrupts how most cancers makes vitality. And it’s fascinating as a result of everyone seems to be at this they usually ask, ‘Properly, how will this have an effect on my wholesome cells?’ That is the paradigm changer with vitamin C.

“The atmosphere—as a lot because the dose, as a lot because the supply, as a lot because the tumor saturation—the atmosphere encountered by that vitamin C dictates the consequence as a lot because the dose itself. So, you possibly can induce a pro-oxidative impact, a cleansing disaster, an vitality disaster in most cancers cells, and wholesome cells just do nice.”

If you consider vitamin C, you’re in all probability considering it’s an antioxidant, which is true, however in excessive doses solely obtainable by way of IV, it really turns into a pro-oxidant, and that’s what permits it to kill most cancers cells and offers it its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Goodyear explains:

“All people’s conversant in the buffer system associated to acid and base. If you have a look at redox—discount oxidation—that’s actually simply the movement of electrons. It’s a buffer system, similar to that acid base steadiness. So, in oral doses, even in a decrease dose, in an atmosphere that enables it, vitamin C is antioxidative.

“And there’s a lot advantages of that. That’s why it’s so useful in viral and bacterial infections. It’s countering that cytotoxic burst present in an infection. It’s donating an electron and turns into oxidized [which neutralizes oxygen] … That’s why vitamin C … will help individuals with sepsis, together with COVID sepsis, and the related COVID cytokine storm that causes a lot of the lung injury and the related improve in mortality.

“However within the increased doses—once more, its completely different results are dictated by the completely different environments—it could actually turn into pro-oxidative. It’s very completely different in that it’s delivering the oxidative stress to the tumor and creating it by way of hydroxyl free radicals, hydrogen peroxide, superoxide anions.”

Goodyear additionally makes use of melatonin for most cancers, and screens sufferers’ melatonin ranges to make sure correct dosage. Usually, sufferers will begin off with IV melatonin at a dose of 10 to twenty milligrams day by day for 2 weeks, to get the extent up as rapidly as potential, whereas concurrently taking oral melatonin at a dose of about 60 mg per day. The oral dose is then titrated upward, primarily based on body weight and different parameters.

“Ideally, your blood degree is meant to peak at round midnight. So, with that in thoughts, should you’re going to do the oral dose, you need to take the best dose proper earlier than mattress, possibly 45 minutes earlier than, after which proper earlier than mattress.

“The opposite doses, should you’re going to do it 3 times a day, could be possibly 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. You actually need to maintain it away from photo voltaic midday. In any other case you’re going to [impair your] chronobiology.

“When sufferers go residence, we do work extra towards a extra applicable circadian rhythm of the supply of melatonin. However when sufferers come to us, so a lot of them are in a sophisticated stage, so, in that acute setting, we’ve got to make use of these therapies together and sequence, collectively, to essentially flip the tide in opposition to the most cancers.”

Goodyear and I cowl much more floor on this interview than I’ve summarized right here, so I encourage you to hearken to the complete interview. In closing, what sort of outcomes would possibly you get utilizing a holistic strategy to most cancers remedy? Goodyear says:

“I’d say in all probability 90 p.c of our sufferers are metastatic and [have had] prior remedy. In these sufferers, in a six-week or possibly eight-week cycle, we will see a big discount in tumor burden. What I inform them is, ‘If you come into our clinic, my aim is [for you to have] no proof of illness while you depart.’

“They ask, ‘Is that potential?’ Properly, as that one case examine I discussed, it was achieved. Now, she ended up being with us for 9 weeks, however the level is she got here in a wheelchair, she walked out, her PET-CT scan [showed no sign of disease], and her tumor markers [were] regular upon discharge.

“Our aim is not any proof of illness, however we’re going to usually see—in most of our sufferers, effectively over 50 p.c—a big discount in that tumor burden whereas they’re right here with us. The after-care, is essential to proceed that course of. What we’re speaking about right here is at the least a 50 p.c discount within the tumor that you would be able to see clinically, by way of labs and thru imaging.

“And so, a lot of our sufferers will are available the place the breast is an entire tumor, [or] their backbone lights up like a Christmas tree. So, it’s not like we’ve got a affected person coming in they usually have a small little nodule, OK? These are sufferers which have failed chemotherapy twice or extra, [have had] surgical procedure, radiation [and the cancer] recurred, not simply as soon as, however usually two or much more instances.

“It’s a tricky spot to be in, but when we will set a aim of ‘no proof of illness’ and see a 50 p.c discount in these sufferers, hey, that’s one thing that we will work with, as a result of we’re not destroying the physique; really we’re working to heal the physique.”

As talked about earlier, a lot of the sufferers have destroyed a lot of their our bodies’ innate therapeutic means by way of repeated poisonous therapies, which makes holistic remedy far much less efficient. As soon as chemotherapy damages your immune system it turns into terribly tough to deal with it.

I understand how panic-stricken one can get when given a most cancers prognosis, however should you’re within the early to mid-stages, you could have nearly nothing to lose by going holistic FIRST. Your possibilities of whole remission will probably be far higher than ready till all different therapies fail, and also you might be able to save your breasts and different elements of your physique that will in any other case be minimize out.

To make his level, Goodyear gives the case historical past of a girl with bilateral breast most cancers who’d been informed she wanted a bilateral mastectomy, bilateral radiation with chemo, and lymph node dissection—six to 12 months of brutal and poisonous therapies that will have left her disfigured.

“After I was speaking to her earlier than she got here, I stated, ‘Let me inform you my strategy. Because you’ve not had any remedy, if we take this in a therapeutic perspective and thru a holistic integrative strategy, you could simply save your breasts, and you could negate the necessity for any of these different dangerous therapies.’

“And in reality, now she’s over two years out—cancer-free, no breasts eliminated, no lymph nodes eliminated. So, here’s a one that was headed down that highway that will be life altering in a damaging method. We hit the pause button.

“She took an opportunity to assume, she took an opportunity to learn. After which she stated, ‘You understand what? I desire a completely different strategy.’ We addressed it with a holistic evidence-based, integrative strategy … and now she has each breasts and he or she’s residing cancer-free.

“She even had COVID and did nice … When the immune system is just not destroyed, issues work so a lot better, and full-dose chemo destroys the immune system.”

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